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Would you like to run your own profitable work from home based business in the pet food industry? If so then apply using the form on this page below.

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run a work from home business that is based around your pet love and your lifestyle? Here at Kibbles Mill we look for people to come on board as a local distributor delivering our super premium dog food and premium pet food direct to the pet owners door.

The price to get started as a Licensed Kibbles Mill Distributor is £3500+vat.

So to Keep Britain’s Pets Well Fed…

Become Your Own Boss as a Kibbles Mill Distributor

With a Kibbles Mill business you’ll be providing pets and pet owners with the highest quality pet food, at a decent price, with an excellent service.Kibbles Mill Distributes Direct to Your Door

The Pet Food Industry

The dog food industry alone in the UK is worth over £1 billion pounds a year and premium dog food is now in more demand than ever before.

As owners become more conscious of the fact that a good quality dog food pays dividends in terms of their dogs health and well being, a reduction in vet bills and a lot less mess out the back end, they have started to realise that good food is worth paying for.

At present there are a number of larger corporate brands on the market that can be found at vets, pet stores and pet centres as well as a number of independent labels that have sprung up over the last few years because the Internet has allowed the smaller company to connect with the growing market.

What is missing is all the benefits of a good quality brand food with the customer service of old. At Kibbles Mill we want to deliver premium pet food direct to the customers doorstep, build good relations with our customers and provide the good old fashioned customer service of yester-year.

Your Work From Home Business Outlook

As a Kibbles Mill distributor you will initially supply our Super Premium Dog Food range to local residents in your county.With an average of 1 in 5 households having a dog it means there are always plenty of customers out there to talk to.

Once you have started to build up sales in your area and have completed our Successful Business Management training then we will open up many other pet food lines from our large range which allows you to generate even more profits.

What You Will Get Included With Your License Fee:

Half Ton of Mixed bag food with an approximate vat inclusive retail value of £1000.00
100 Kibbles Mill Branded Business Cards – with an option to take 1000
100 Kibbles Mill Tri-fold brochures to use in your marketing
Glossy A4 Kibbles Mill branded Folder
Data-sheets on the full product range
Dog Food Nutrition Training and nutrition guide
Assistance setting up and registering your company
Full Sales & Marketing training which shows you how to find customers and build & grow your business.
Full on-going support from head office
Spreadsheet tools for easy stock control management & re-ordering and a simple cost per bowl calculator

There are no further hidden costs for monthly management fee’s or monthly commissions from gross sales taken, which as far as we know, are charged or taken by most franchisors in this industry. We do not insist on investing in a new sign written van when you are just starting out either. There are merchandising and point of sale material that can be order as and only when required.

Are You Our Ideal Business Partner?

Dedication And Desire – are what we look for in a person to succeed with a mindset to go with it

Well Organised – You will be in total control of your own time, so you will have to be able to work in an organised way without someone telling you what to do all the time. You are after all the Boss as well as the employee!!

The Right Approach – It’s up to you how many hours you commit each day to your business, however spending time having coffee with friends rather than calling to see new prospective customers isn’t going to bring you the rich rewards on offer!!

Comfortable Dealing With People – It would be an advantage to have worked in an environment where you have already been providing services to people or other businesses. You will know deep down if you will be comfortable talking to people and opening up conversations with people you may not yet know.

First Impression Count – Ask yourself if the way in which you present yourself can be compared to that of a trusted adviser. People do judge you on how you look, dress and generally communicate. You have to carry our brand after all and we expect distributors to keep high standards for all our customers.

A True Business Professional – If you understand that you have to be highly self motivated, well organised, enjoy talking to people, can present yourself in a professional manner, and have a true desire to run your own successful premium pet food business then this may be the right opportunity that you have been looking for.


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