Why We Do What We Do For You...

You only want whats best for your animals and their diet plays an important role in keeping them in good health and tip top condition.

In reality your animals can’t tell you what they like the taste of or their preferred Cordon Bleu 3 course meal but if they could then you may be surprised to hear what they would say about what you are currently feeding them!

Confused-which-pet-food-to-buy    The Problems You Face…

You see the problem with the pet food industry is that it is not as highly regulated as the human food chain. Therefore you have to wade through the microscopic small print on any pet food label, which is normally hidden around the back, making it twice as difficult for you to see.

And so you end up balancing a large unruly pet food bag on one arm, whilst continuing to juggle your other bags with the other hand and squinting desperately at the label you try to understand what actually goes into the food. Given you don’t have a PhD in Chemistry then most of the time you simply can’t tell if it will be good for your pet or not.

Melior Cibo - Better Food For Animals

At Kibbles Mill we recognise the issues and use an army of advisers from Vets to Pet food Chemistry Specialists and Dietitians to save you the headache and the trouble. That is why we also  insist on using knowledgeable and well trained local distributors so that you can rest assured that the food you are buying for your pet is both of high quality and only contains the right mix and blend of proteins, vitamins and minerals that you pet deserves.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your pet food delivered direct to your door, by a friendly and reliable Kibbles Mill distributor armed with a wealth of knowledge and a fairly well stocked van so that your can feed all your animals without an extensive trip to the local shops.

If you would like to simplify your life and spend more time enjoying your pets rather than worrying about what to feed them then just pick up the phone and call our customer service team on Tel:08432 892 692 (normal rate call) to discover who your local distributor is and either place your first order or arrange a visit.

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